Happy Halloween

Halloween hasn’t been really that popular here in Australia or at least in the area where we live in.

This year seems to be different though. The shops have heaps of Halloween decorations, Hallooween sales are going around and the discount stores are full of people buying Halloween decorations and costumes.

I haven’t thought of celebrating it, but my daughter got invited to trick-or-treating with my neiughbour’s kids, so I thought it would be nice to get into the spirit of celebration and decorate a little. Everything was done last minute though, but I’m quite happy with the end result. I made a Halloween Wreath, I’ve seen something similar going around Pinterest, but if I’m not mistaken it was a Xmas Wreath. I had the idea at first to make it with ribbons, but then decided it would be too expensive, so I end up buying crepe paper from the local discount store ($1 each) and bought a foam wreath from Spotlight for $2. The whole project cost under $10, but you need an hour or two to make it.

Then my daughter and I made very quickly some lolly bags for her friends at art class. I used little bitty bags and twine from the store. The colours are just perfect for Halloween.

Do you celebrate Halloween and go “trick-or-treating”?

PS. And please come by our house! We have heaps of lollies this year (after not having any last year & 5 kids knocked on the door. I had to give them bags of popcorn, and then I didn’t even have enough of that…)

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Pink Ribbon Month – Printables

I have a close friend who’s sister battled breast cancer when she was still quite young and this cause is very close to my heart. Unfortunately I know few other mums that are going through a hard time battling Breast Cancer as well. October is a National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and you can get involved by hosting a Pink Ribbon Breakfast or attend one. For more information visit the official Pink Ribbon Page.

I’ve searched and created an inspiration page that hopefully will give you some ideas and inspiration to hold your own breakfast or a girl’s night in.

To keep the post as short as possible I’ve decided to create few different posts separated into sub-categories. Today we’ll start with the printables.

Sarah from Style Me Gorgeous has created some gorgeous Free printables

A big and gorgeous collection free printables by Chickabug

The Little Soiree

From The TomKat Studio

Free printable bag tags from Anders Ruff

And last, but not least The World’s Best Breast Cancer Leaflet. It truly is the world’s best leaflet! It contains heaps of information and pictures. Don’t ignore it, have a look! Even print it and have it handy!

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Happy Spring and Free Printables

I have been dreading this first post and that’s why I have been procrastinating with writing it!
The images and the printables have been sitting in my folder for over a month now and finally I have braved it enough to sit and write it.

It’s spring time, my favourite time of the year despite battling hay fever most of the time. It’s my favourite time because of all the colours that pop up, the warm weather (but not too hot and humid), the freshness in the air, the promise of new beginnings.

Those new beginning also mark the start of Sweet Celebrations and that’s why I wanted to celebrate the start of spring, the start of Sweet Celebrations with some free printables.

You don’t need to have a fancy party to use them. Just make some cupcakes or a barbecue; invite some friends or celebrate just with the kids.

Here is what you get:

And to download click here:
Banner Letters
Thank You Labels
Party Circles / Cupcake Toppers
Bottle Labels

Print them on good quality paper.


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Welcome to Sweet Celebrations

My name is Bobbie and I am the founder of Sweet Celebrations.

As a mother of two young children I started Sweet Celebrations with the purpose of helping other mums to make their child’s birthday party a special event.

Over the years I have found it hard to source all the products I needed from a single place. Having to look for different products in many different places, or having to buy lots of different products to create a theme or style a party made it very time consuming and expensive.

Sweet Celebrations is the one place where you can find all you need for that special day.

Our hire range offers affordability and convenience.

I am constantly on the lookout for new products and will be creating new party themes regularly.

I would love to work with you to create all the little details or source products to cater for your specific needs.


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